Customer Rejects: Grown-Up Choice Made at Costco
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Those were perfectly valid complaints...


A) What kind of idiot drives three hours to a store? and 2) It's a phony account that has nothing to do with Dillards.


I agree with StormofDarkness. Regardless of why she chose to drive three hours, the Dillard's was in the wrong. Sometimes these Customer Service posts are rude for no reason other than to be rude.


"2) It's a phony account that has nothing to do with Dillards."

There's no 'sometimes' Heather. That account exists for no other reason than to be sarcastic to people whining on company social media, and again, has nothing to do with Dillards.

I'd also be willing to bet that all of that nonsense the guy posted about happened only in the echoing emptiness of his own skull.


First off, I'm absolutely positive the staff and manager were not acting the way the crusty described.
Second, I just did a quick check, there are 20 Dillards locations in Ohio, plus another 3 in Indiana and 6 more in Kentucky, so the claim of driving 3 hours just to go to one in VA..
In fact, Short Pump is in Richmond, it's about 450 miles to Columbus, OH, about 600 to Toledo. Just sayin'


The real story is almost certainly something like:
"I happened to be in Richmond anyway for unrelated reasons, and I decided to stop in at the local Dillard's. They said they were out of stock for the thing I wanted on sale in my size. The end"


"But if I whine enough where people can see it and talk a lot of shit, they'll cave and give me free stuff." (the after-credits scene. :P )

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