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From Blue D:

About 8 years ago I worked in a drug store where everything was done the "rite" way, 
and while the building was relatively new, the equipment they used wasn't.
They had a tendency to take equipment from other stores that closed, and use them in new stores.
Yeah, great idea.
So this is about the giant walk in cooler and the freezer we had in our store.
The cooler was walk in for us employees, not for customers of course, and the freezer was just at the end of the cooler.
Now, the cooling/freezing unit was...ancient. At best. And for no reason would stop working.
Corporate never saw this as an important problem, because when customers are thirsty and hot, 
and want cold soda or beer, well that's not a problem. Right?
So one fateful day, the entire unit malfunctioned. Badly. I don't mean that it stop working, I mean it malfunctioned. I don't know exactly what went wrong with it, but we noticed that the freezer was...getting warm. Like, REALLY warm. As in, 70 degrees warm. (Fahrenheit)
Filled with ice, ice cream, frozen foods, the like.
Well, not anymore.

So of course we had to notify corporate, and throw out all the food.
As we do this, we start hearing intermittent POPs and BANGs.
And the drinks inside were being frozen, breaking their plastic and glass containers.
The freezer went to it's highest maximum, which was 70 degrees (F)
And the cooler went to it's LOWEST MAXIMUM which was -40!   Below!   ZERO!!!!
So imagine 12 doors worth of soda exploding, beer, water, glass everywhere.
Employees running around, grabbing shopping carts, rope, tape, signs.
We had to tie the doors down to keep customers from getting hurt, and we frantically yanked everything out.
17 shopping carts of frozen drinks, cases of beer, soda, water, all in a town with a large tourist base, in peak tourist (and heat) season.
Corporate fixed it.......NOPE. They just got it working right. Never bothered to actually pay to fix the thing correctly.
Still had issues with it every year.

--Blue D






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