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From  smakorvigabitar Tales From Retail:

I work at a somewhat large grocery store, and we have a big "pick-and-mix-yourself-salad bar". I have been so fantastically lucky (not) to get to tend/open/close this salad bar from time to time.

This weekend I had just closed the salad bar and was finishing up. Let me set the scene: All the containers had lids on them, all the spoons/tongs were gone and the lights in the salad bar were off. All the little screens on every container were turned off and black. It's obviously closed, with nothing on it except cleaning supplies and single-use plastic gloves on a shelf on top (which we use for sanitary reasons while filling it up etc).

Enter clueless man.

CL: Hi! Can I just ask you, how does your salad bar work?

Me: Hi! Im sorry but it's clo...(interrupted)

CL: Do I just put these on and start grabbing?

He is holding two of our single-use gloves and makes a grabbing movement in the air.

Me:, we have tongs and stuff. But unfortunately I have already closed it for the day. Sorry!

I imagine him going through all the 30+ containers just grabbing stuff with his hands. Would you change gloves between every container or just between customers...

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I work at a somewhat large grocery store, and we have a big "pick-and-mix-yourself-salad bar".
This wording makes me think of someone filling a bowl with handfuls of candy.

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