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Fitting room hellFrom ImeverybodyelseTalesFromRetail

I work in a semi-department store. We have fitting rooms. I'm an assistant manager. Also, we have public bathrooms less than 10 feet away from the fitting rooms (strange setup). I'll be me, CM will be cosmetic counter manager and PC will be pissy customer.

Cm: "Imeverybodyelse can you come see me for a minute?"

Me: "Sure what's up?"

Cm: " PC just came out of the fitting and told me that she had an accident and pissed on something she was trying on."

Me: exasperated look on face and shakes head

So I walk up to PC.

Me: "Ma'am is everything all right?"

PC: "Everything is fine. Wait did CM tell you that i pissed on something? I told her that in confidence. Listen it's in the fitting room so if you could do whatever you need to do that would be great. I've got my panties in my purse so I'm just going to continue shopping."

I'll be honest I totally phoned it in and delegated it to our housekeeper/receiving associate.




Misty Meanor

My sympathies.


People should be charged for the merchandise, plus a clean up fee. If every store implemented this, it would cut down on this kind of behavior. "If our employees are forced to clean up your bio-hazardous waste, you will be assessed a 50 dollar cleaning fee as well as charged for any contaminated merchandise


Good idea TV. This happens so often it makes me think it's some kind of deliberate mental illness thing.

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