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Fitting room nightmaresFrom thisiswhatsbestTalesFromRetail

Just when I thought I would never have anything to share. This just happened less than an hour ago and I'm still a bit shaken up.

Minor background: I work in retail. The place prides itself on customer service. We do 2 minutes fitting room checks, smile and greet everyone, and basically annoy the crap out of people who would rather be left alone. Anyways, on to the story.

So I'm nearing the end of my shift and these two guys come in. My coworker and I both notice how sketchy they seem. They just don't fit in. He starts a room for one of them, taking the items and holding a fitting room. And I let the other guy into his room after counting the number of items.

Me: so let's see, you have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 items. And your name?

L: it's L.

Me: Well L, let me know if you need anything. (Cue the retail smile)

So I let L have some time in the fitting room, I hover processing things to put back on the floor. And I see him set out of the room, "looking" for other things. I do a quick check to make sure everything is still there. He put 2 jackets on our rolling rack and there's still 3 things in the room. Still have 5, we're good.

He and his friend continue to dart in and out of their rooms. This next part I only hear about from one of my other coworkers. We'll call her J.

J: (knocks on door)

L: I just need fucking silence.

J: how you doing in there?

L: I just need you to leave me the fuck alone.

Nasty Ass ThievesJ: I just need you to get the fuck out.

I love J, there no way she'd get fired for saying that and she's just a beast. But a couple minutes later he leaves the room, seemingly with nothing. I go in and check, there should be 3 items in there. Nope, only 2. Damn it...

I let my manager know as well as our security guard. We double check everywhere to try to find the sales tags, nowhere. Well, L sits down on one of our couches. 8:30 rolls around and the security guard locks the doors as we are closed. He wanders over to L and asks to look in his bag. Brown paper bag, nothing in it. He asks to look into the backpack, nope L won't let the security guard look in there.

As this is happening another customer is leaving. J goes to let them out and as she does the alarm starts to go off because she has store keys on here. L sees it as an opportunity and bolts for the door.

What happens next was just a big mess. He shoves his way through the door, stepping on J, our security guard tries to restrain him, J is just trying to get out of the way and get out. L tries to blame J saying she's stealing something. Yeah dude she works here. She apparently rips his brown shopping bag at some point but he makes it out of the store. Next thing I remember I hear a loud thump and I see out security guard wrestling L against our window. Then they all take off, including L's friend.

From what I heard L threw his backpack at his friend and they ran in opposite directions.

We weren't able to recover the jacket he took. But there's no way he's ever getting back into the store.




Misty Meanor

I hate it when they get away.

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