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Dumbass Customers: "Do I just put these on and start grabbing?"



From  smakorvigabitar Tales From Retail:

I work at a somewhat large grocery store, and we have a big "pick-and-mix-yourself-salad bar". I have been so fantastically lucky (not) to get to tend/open/close this salad bar from time to time.

This weekend I had just closed the salad bar and was finishing up. Let me set the scene: All the containers had lids on them, all the spoons/tongs were gone and the lights in the salad bar were off. All the little screens on every container were turned off and black. It's obviously closed, with nothing on it except cleaning supplies and single-use plastic gloves on a shelf on top (which we use for sanitary reasons while filling it up etc).

Enter clueless man.

CL: Hi! Can I just ask you, how does your salad bar work?

Me: Hi! Im sorry but it's clo...(interrupted)

CL: Do I just put these on and start grabbing?

He is holding two of our single-use gloves and makes a grabbing movement in the air.

Me:, we have tongs and stuff. But unfortunately I have already closed it for the day. Sorry!

I imagine him going through all the 30+ containers just grabbing stuff with his hands. Would you change gloves between every container or just between customers...

-- smakorvigabitar







Movie Theater Hell: Underage In A Scary Movie And A Bad Parent


3 movie theater hellFrom cat4820, TalesFromTheTheatre

I have two equally awful experiences with people bringing underage kids to R-rated films.

Once was on our 5$ ticket discount day. This woman came to see the 7:30 Belko Experiment, and had purchased tickets on the kiosk so apparently she was blissfully unaware of our policy that children until 6 are not permitted in Rated-R films.

Anyway, about a quarter the way into the movie, a couple customers come up to box office to say there was a baby crying in their movie. So, I go to investigate and I find this woman in her 20's with a crying infant and 2 year old.

I ask her very politely if she could step outside, and she IMMEDIATELY catches a nasty attitude and refuses to leave, very loudly exclaiming that she is a paying customer and she is staying for her show.

At this point, arguing with her will only disrupt the theatre more and have people asking for refunds, so I went and got security to remove her- thinking that she might listen to security more than a 19 year old assistant manager. After around 7 minutes security finally gets her to exit the theatre, only for her to spend the next 10 screaming at me and the other assistant about how this was "discrimination" and we were only doing this because she was black and we were racist (mind you the other assistant was a young, black woman and all the police officers are middle aged black men) and she will be calling corporate and suing for injustice.

She FINALLY left with her children (still crying btw) after our GM came downstairs and told her she had to leave or she would be arrested for unruly behavior (she WAS screaming the the hallway on the busiest day of the week so I guess it wasn't too harsh of a threat).

Later the next day, my fellow assistant found the Facebook post she made about our theater, saying her daughter Graviti was quiet the whole time and blah blah blah. Basically, now our location is facing a discrimination lawsuit- for $1,500.


BADPARENTSThe other awful tale I had really upset me. Again, it was on our 5$ discount day immediately following Logan's release and it was INSANELY busy.

I was at box office helping customers for at least 3 hours straight without a break. I am not sure how long the child had been sitting in the recliner next to box office when I noticed him- he was around 3, wearing a navy blue jacket and sitting down very quietly.

At first, I didn't think much of it. I figured it was a customer at one of the registers' child and they asked him to take a seat so they could get the tickets. But after around 20 minutes since I first saw him, he was still there.

I got off my register and walked around to him and asked him if he was lost or where his mommy was. He didn't say anything at first, but after a couple moments he replied that she was in a movie and she told him to wait right here.

I was fucking BLOWN. A woman left her 3 year old child in the lobby, on an extremely busy day in a not-so-safe neighborhood to go watch a movie he wasn't permitted in.

We took the child into the office, and I gave him a slushie and cotton candy and we waited for her to come out of her show. When she finally did come out about an hour later, she had four other kids with her, the oldest being around 11.

I'm not sure exactly the conversation was she had with my general manager, but I know if it was up to me I would have already called DCFS. Fucking ridiculous.

Honestly that still gets me.