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3MALFrom RRuruurrrMaliciousCompliance

I am a museum security officer. The museum is owned by a university that has its own police service. Museum security is a subset of campus police. On paper I work for campus PD also, but I'm not a full fledged LEO. To simplify the story I referred to police officers as "police" and security officers as "security" but we all work under one department.

Our museum is pretty cool and kids often get a little too excited. No big deal; they're kids. When that happens I'll find the parent(s) and ask for a little more supervision. Also not a big deal.

Yesterday I got a call from dispatch saying there were complaints of children running around on the first floor. I stopped the kids and asked where their guardian was. After a brief search their mom was found on the fourth floor and had seemingly forgotten she brought four little kids with her. I reminded her of her responsibility to keep an eye on her kids and she clearly didn't get the message.

"I understand that you're not doing your job!" she moans. I asked her to clarify and she stated that she shouldn't have to watch her kids because that's security's job. I politely explained that my job is to enforce the rules, not to babysit and she grew incapable of discussion. "YOU NEED TO JUST DO YOUR JOB AND WATCH MY KIDS!" She yelled as she turned to walk away.

She used that phrase one too many times. "Ma'am, please calm down. It's time for you to leave. Gather your children and I'll escort you to your car."

She did a double take so fast her face turned to look at me and her chin followed half a beat later. "YOU CAN'T KICK ME OUT. I'M CALLING THE POLICE!"

Internally I laughed. Externally I said, "Okay."

She ended up not having her phone with her so I asked if she wanted me to call the police on myself. She agreed.

Badge 666I called local PD and connected with the same dispatcher from earlier. I talk to this person every day. He immediately recognized what was happening. I said something like, "Hey, this is RR'uruurrr. I have a lady here who's been asked to leave and refuses to comply. She would like police intervention."

When the cop arrived he had been briefed and immediately took my side. Mommy couldn't believe it. The cop walked her to her car where he ID'd her for his records. She had outstanding warrants for unpaid parking tickets, (if you don't pay parking tickets, they become court dates. Court dates become arrest warrants when you fail to appear), and was arrested on the spot.

A second police officer came to take care of the kids. I imagine he took them into protective custody until he could contact the father or a grandparent or something. If that failed, I imagine Child Protective Services was notified.

By the time it had progressed to this point I had left to do other things. I like to stay out of the way when the police are working.




Misty Meanor

Karma came back on her!


He was doing his job. His job description says 'security', not 'babysitter'.

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