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Malicious Compliance: "Look Busy"


2MALFrom Delores_Herbig, MaliciousCompliance Comments

I used to bartend at a restaurant where one particular shift was completely dead, almost always. I would do all my side duties (stocking, cleaning, prepping for night shift), and then run out of shit to do, and I wasn't allowed to leave the bar.

I was in school, so I used to bring my books and study behind the bar during this time.

We got a new manager and he told me they didn't pay me to read, and I needed to be busy. After inquiring what other things he wanted me to do which didn't require me to leave the bar (answer: nothing), he told me to just 'find something.'

So I started watching TV with one hand on a bar towel on top of the bar. I literally just stood there, watching whatever was on, and if the manager came in, I'd just slowly start wiping in circles while staring at the TV.

He said I looked like a robot, and I told him I felt like a robot.

The General Manager found out, and laughed, and told me to study for my finals.




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