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Malicious Compliance 3From wanderingdevMaliciousCompliance

A few years ago I worked for a nonprofit in DC. They were a bit stick up their ass about some stuff (I almost didn't get hired because I had a scuff on my shoe) but I liked their mission and the junior staff. The founder and her 2nd in command were a pain in the ass.

Anyway, our business hours were 8:30-5 with a 30 minute lunch. I am not a morning person. I was frequently late, but never more than 5-10 minutes. And no one directly relied upon me so I wasn't causing a domino effect. To make up for being late, I usually had a working lunch, never left before 5:30, and most nights I'd be there until 6 or 7.

After I'd been there about 2 months the 2nd in command came to tell me that me being late was causing a morale problem with the other staff (who were in a completely different part of the office and never saw me unless I went there) and she wanted to remind me of what our hours were.

Ok, no problem. I can do 8 hours per day rather than the 10-11 I normally worked. So I smiled, nodded my head, agreed, and mentally started updating my resume.

The next week, the 2nd in command pops up next to my desk at 4:55 and we have the following conversation:

2nd: "Hey! I want to walk through the fundraiser plans with you. Can we meet in about 10 minutes?"

Me: pretending to check my watch but knowing full well what time it is and with fake regret "Oh, I'm sorry, but I can't."

2nd: "Oh, big plans tonight?"

Freddy Fuck youMe: "Nope, just laundry. But you made it clear that our working hours are 8:30-5 with a 30 minute lunch. Since it's 4:57 now, we really don't have time to meet. Maybe tomorrow?"

2nd: "Oh, well, I'm out for the rest of the week. We used to meet later and it wasn't a problem."

Me: [solemnly] "Yes, but that was before you stressed how important it was to you that I stick to our business hours. Since then I've been careful to take a lunch every day instead of working through and I make sure to leave at 5 every day rather than doing an extra 1-2 hours of work. BUT..." [brightly] "I'm no longer a few minutes late some days, so it is all working out and I have much more time for my hobbies now."

Me: [turning off my computer and standing up] "Well, it's after 5, so I really have to go, but why don't you send me a calendar invite for when you're back and we can have that meeting."

I gave notice 2 weeks later. Fuck that micromanaging bullshit.





Sorry, but I don't think they were wrong expecting you to be on time.

Misty Meanor

Micromanagers are the worst!


Yeah screw that guy. What does he think he's doing turning up ten minutes late and working unpaid for two hours. Pfft, casuals.


If he really supported this group's mission, he would show up on time!


I am definitely getting mixed messages from these replies.

*Wanders off whistling.*

Tech Support Survivor

Fuck that manager. I mean arriving late isn't very good. But heck, I didn't make it in right on time. She was satisfied with me being in the building on time (the bus stop was on the otherside of the building, and it was huuuuuuuge. IT often took me 10 minutes to hustle to my office).


1) Yes get your ass to work on time. That's not being unreasonable, and your response was childish. I'm amazed they didn't fire you on the spot for being that condescendingly rude.
2) Fuck micromanagers.


Yes, you should have been at work on time. No, they shouldn't have expected you to work outside your scheduled hours without compensation. On the flip side, you shouldn't have put that expectation onto their radar, that you would be available outside of office hours. I think all of this could have been avoided if you just worked your scheduled shift from the beginning.

However, I agree. Fuck micromanagers.


Why is everyone saying micromanager? The only manager I see is one that noticed an employee was constantly late.
The employee, on the other hand, was the rude one here. Completely misconstrued the manager's words to fit his/her own purposes as "getting back" at the manager for wanting the employee not to be late. Seriously.

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