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2MALFrom BrohnlyMaliciousCompliance

This happened a while ago but I work at a pretty nice bar in the area. On the weekends we have live music. One day the live musician and I'm assuming his girlfriend show up. He's really cool and she's this really uppity bitch.

She sits at the bar throughout the whole night while he's playing his set. Drinking dirty martinis all night. Basically she told me when it was empty that I shouldn't hesitate to fill up the glass again. So every time I had to make another one I looked at her and she nodded her head for another one.

He's all done with his set and she wants to pay for her bill. Her bill was only like $42 and she saw how many she had and almost immediately disputed her bill with me. Saying she had only 2 drinks rather than 5. I calmly disagreed with her and eventually she said her boyfriend, the musician, will pay the rest. I put the rest on his tab and she paid for her two drinks (I think she tipped me a whole dollar at best) and then got up and walked out while her boyfriend was still packing up.

About a half hour later she comes back in, hammered, and sits down at the bar and apologized for being rude to me earlier.

I was pretty busy at this point so I just said, "Okay."

She says that she brought a lot of people up to the bar a few weeks back and that I should thank her for bringing me some business, which I did with verbal gratitude. Then she finally asks for a free drink. Finally lets me know what she's really after.

I said, "We don't serve free drinks here."

BARHELLShe gets a little upset and almost pleads for a free drink because she brought all of her friends to the bar a few weeks prior.

I stop what I'm doing and say, "You like vodka right?"

Her eyes get all big and bright and she nods. And I walk over to the drink well and put ice in a cup and put her drink in and hand it to her and she takes one sip and screams at me, "THIS TASTES LIKE FUCKING WATER!"

To which I calmly reply "Yeah that's the only free drink we offer."

As a follow up to this she actually did find my boss and told him about what I did. His response in front of her was calling me over, laughing, and fist bumping me.




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