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Worked at one of the big chain hardware stores, Home Depot specifically; don't work there anymore.

We had an online order come in for 150 80-lb bags of Quikrete. Shit is awful, as the bags are awkward to lift. That's about a pallet and a half worth; it's not too bad as normally when someone orders that much they show up with a large trailer and we can just use a forklift to move the pallets onto the trailer. Nice and easy; and driving the forklift is fun. Cool, I'm excited. I get in the forklift and move a full pallet up to the front near the loading area, then set to moving about 50 bags off of one of the other pallets.

I then move the half full pallet out front, take 25 bags off of the full pallet and stack them onto the half full pallet so that the trailer will have an even load, and then wrap them back up in the plastic and put on new straps to hold the plastic down. [Essentially extremely large, industrial zip ties.]

I put the forklift away and wait for the call that he's arrived to pick up his concrete and go back to doing shit.

About two hours later the customer shows up and I get a page that he's arrived so that I can go place his pallets onto his trailer. I meet him out front, tell him to pull around over to the loading area and I'll be right back, I'm heading to go get the forklift. He stares at me kinda funny but nods and heads off to get his truck. I go get the forklift and return to find out that not only does he not have a trailer, he expects to fit 1.5~ pallets of concrete into a little Nissan Frontier. I own a Nissan Frontier myself, his was the same year as mine I believe, 2012, but was the upgraded sport PRO-X. The really expensive one. This was also in 2013, so it was practically a brand new truck. Don't get me wrong, it was a very nice truck, but not the sort of thing you try and haul several tons in.

Jason NyerpI just sort of sit there in the fork lift agape, trying to decide whether this is a joke or if this guy is just that stupid. I sigh; knowing that my back is going to be killing me after this, company policy won't let me use the forklift to just place a pallet into the back of his truck and also - That's 75 bags of concrete, at 80 pounds each - per pallet. 6000 pounds per pallet. Three tons. Per pallet. Well over the weight capacity of his truck.

I ask the customer how many trips he's planning. He tells me it should all fit in one. I again, just stare at him. "It won't all fit in one, it would be incredibly unsafe.... Your truck is probably only rated to handle 1500 pounds in the bed.. you're gunna need like... at least 8 trips to do this safely."

He goes from 0-100 instantly, starts screaming and yelling. Says something to the effect of, "I was gunna help you with this fucking concrete, but now you're on your own. Fuck you, figure it out you minimum wage piece of shit. I'm going to go get lunch, it better be done by the time I get back." And he starts walking off over to White Castle across the parking lot.

I just laugh and stare at the concrete, I call for my manager; who happened to be my best friend and room-mate. I explain to him what this moron said, how he was acting; etc.

"Fuck this guy, I'll be right back." He goes back inside and comes out holding a form, and walks over to White Castle. Forces the guy to sign a waiver essentially saying any damages or liability is waived by Home Depot, or we won't be loading his truck.

He signs it, manager comes back and tells us to load as much as "will fit," is what the customer demanded. As we're loading the back end of the truck is getting lower and lower, we almost had one of the entire pallets loaded in the bed of the truck, again roughly 6000 pounds of concrete, before we heard the suspension springs pop. Suspension was ruined. We all laughed and decided that was enough and went back inside, the manager and I simply sat there and waited, there was literally no reason to load anymore.

A good hour later he came back, all huffy and puffy that he'd been watching us and we stopped working half an hour ago and there was still space. Manager shrugged and said that that was the most he felt comfortable putting in the truck for one trip, and that he could in no morals load anymore. Guy tries to throw a fit, manager puts his foot down.

Carolanne dur hurpGuy essentially says something along the lines of, "I'll never come here again, this is fucking absurd!"

He's being an absolute moron, a toddler could see that the bed of the truck was sagged so low that the tires were pretty much rubbing in the wheel well, even without the suspension being shot.

Guy hops in, starts the truck and tries to peel out. Truck doesn't move. He gives it more gas and there's another bad mechanical noise. He quickly shuts off the truck and just sits there for a moment. Doesn't take him very long before he's screaming and throwing a fit that we loaded too much and broke his truck, we're gonna pay for this; yadda yadda. He demands that we help him unload the truck.

With the most glorious smirk on his face my manager simply says, "We will help load; but unloading is not part of our job description. We'll be here when you need help with the rest," and then motions for me to follow him inside where we realize practically the entire staff are stood looking out a window laughing their asses off.

It was the absolute best day I've ever had at work, at any job, even if my back was killing me.





"I'll never come here again, this is fucking absurd!"

Not in that truck you won't. Dumbass.


BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! That's about the same cargo weight as my Kia Sorento. What a raging fucktard.

As stupid as the guy we had at the home center that bought two pallets of bricks, with at truck so small it would only hold one - hand loaded, no way it would have survived our forklift (with power down hydraulics - at a time. But not as lucky.

He drove away - twice - with the truck loaded down to the point where the frame was sitting directly on the rear axle. No idea if it survived the second trip, but it clearly did the first.

Tech Support Survivor

*gigglesnort* Suits him right! With that big an order you get it delivered!


Possibly the ur-example on the internet:

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