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3MALFrom AnbraxasMMOTMMaliciousCompliance

So I work for a union trucking company. This company hands out discipline letters for everything they possibly can. However the rules are set in a contract, so since they can't fire you outright all they can do is give you letters for any break in the rules in hopes of one day terminating you. So that is where this story starts.

My boss, whom I usually get along with, got a bug up his butt one day and decided to issue a batch of letters all centered around a Friday workday.

I got six separate letters. Failure to follow instructions times 3, leading to a three day suspension. One was for not properly filling out my paperwork with all the details he wanted. One was for not filling out my vehicle inspection log. One was for not performing a proper pre-trip.

The other three letters were for safety, resulting in another three day suspension.

Not using three points of contact entering and exiting vehicles. Not securing the trailer with a lock. Not wearing a reflective vest when outdoors.

So Monday rolls around, and I file a grievance for each letter plus one on top for harassment. However it's time to follow the rules to the point of malicious compliance.

Monday, I am wearing all neon yellow clothing. I am almost blinding in the sunlight. I made sure to place all four limbs on the vehicle each time I got in and out essentially throwing myself through the door each time. I brought a lock that completely protects the shackle. Meaning that on upon my return, they had to get a angle grinder to take it off since bolt cutters couldn't touch it.

As far as paperwork....

PET6I was sent on a short half hour run. It took four hours. I did a detailed pretrip and inspection report that ended up being four standard print pages long. It took two hours and included things like flash lights, tire pressure gauges, and everything else in the DOT regulations. As well as a half hour in the garage for things that needed repair.

I submitted the rest of the paperwork with full details, including time stamps for each bill, in triplicate.

Almost forgot to mention; it took so long that the destination was closed by the time I got there, so I had to bring the stuff back anyhow.

Just in case anyone wanted to know what the aftermath was: I was pulled aside and both me and my boss reached an agreement that he leaves me alone as long as I don't screw him like that again.




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