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A little background information: I work at a movie theater, usually at the concession stand as a cashier/server. So the way we divide our tasks is, whoever has the cash register takes the order, gets the drinks ready and handles the money. The other person who is assigned to/decides to help you, takes care of the rest (popcorn, nachos, etc.). Just like many places where food is sold, to give options, there is a variety of combos to choose from to facilitate the decision making. Combo #3 at our workplace is an extra-large popcorn with two large drinks; the Twin Combo.

So next in line is this young couple and after greeting them and asking for their order, this is how it goes:

Customer: Yes, three Twin Combos.

Me: Three Twin Combos. What would the drinks be?

Customer: Coke

Me: All 6 of them, coke. Correct?

Customer: Yes, coke.

So my partner goes to get their popcorns served and puts them in front of them on the counter, one by one as I'm carrying the sodas two by two; all of this completely visible to them. So the couple has the order in front of them and they look at us all baffled. I supposed they weren't expecting the sizes to be as big, when the woman asks us if all of that’s for them.

And when I say yes, she says that's not what she ordered. She repeats her order (Three Twin Combos) and me and my partner are getting all frustrated, letting her know that yes, that is what we served her and trying to explain what the math of 2 sodas + 1 popcorn bag, all multiplied by 3 is without it seeming insulting.

To which she yells back, "No, the Three Twin Combo consists of 2 sodas and 1 popcorn, I don't need that much! Just get it right!”

At this point, it dawns on us that she’s just dumb or something, and politely (but irritated AF) finish ringing her up, but not before really loudly saying, “You have ONE Twin Combo, anything else we can help you with???”

Why couldn't she just ask for "#3", "the Twin Combo", or correct me when I asked her about the SIX beverages?





I assume they were also told the price before everything was filled. Did they not realize while paying for a $30+ order that it was 3x the listed price? Or are they just so used to theatre markups they thought that was a reasonable cost?

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