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If you ever worked in a movie theater you had this happen to you. In my days at the cinema I remember customers saying "You too" countless times after I told them to enjoy the movie. And consequently, I have done it as a moviegoer. While most customers just keep on walking however, because this has happened to me so many times, it sets off a trigger that snaps me out of herd mentality and I am quick to correct myself and make some kind of joke out of it.


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I dunno about other people, but with little social skill, I have 'triggers' that when something fits the criteria, sets off the response. Something that sounds similar to 'have a nice day' gets an automatic reply 'you too'. I've done this.

Once ran into someone else with the same thing, and we went around a circle a couple of times... "Hey, how's it going?" "Pretty good, how about you?" "Pretty good, how about you?" "Pretty good, how about..."

Tech Support Survivor

Haha. Yea, there are certain things that you just automatically reply to.


Yep. Done the How's it going? Pretty good, and you? Dance a couple of times, also, after so long on the help desk, I'll often just automatically ask the person I called for help if there's anything else I can do for them or thank them for calling. Just a knee jerk "who's on first?" reflex


*raises hand* I am a 'you too' offender, sorry.

The scene I hate is where you ask how they're going and there's this uncomfortable silence. That's why I don't often ask it. Your life might be hell but I don't want you to lie and tell me it's 'okay'; and if you tell me the truth about it sucking there's not much I can do to help.

If you ask me that question, I'll give you (an edited version of) the truth. Most people can't handle that.

So I prefer to avoid the whole issue by avoiding the question.

(Is this aspie behaviour? Maybe I am part-aspie...)

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