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Mystery Signage: This is Not a Step



From Hamfields:

Every few months I go to my local civic amenity site to get rid of my garden rubbish and each time I'm throwing it in one of these metal bins that line from Baby Jane goes thru my head "But ya are Blanche ya are."

 So far I haven't asked any of the employees "If it isn't a step what is it?"



It appears to be a concrete guide for the dumpster so it's spot doesn't get parked in with some anti-dipshittery on it. It is probably solid enough to be used as a step, but some idiot fell off it and threatened to sue.


This one mystified me, but I reckon TT has nailed it. A potential (or successful) lawsuit would explain this neatly. A management shortcut.

Example: My work's building roof was used by staff for lunches, socialising and getting a breath of fresh air on break, we have a great view across the city, and the cleanest air in the inhabited world.

But it is defective and leaks/asbestos tiles, far too expensive to fix, so the workaround was to build another sealing roof on top. This meant that handrails around the rooftop are far below code now, and present a real tripping hazard (and falling face first down ten stories).

If you thought the solution was to fix the railing and let staff continue to enjoy the facility, even inside a contained fenced area... ahahahah!

In true management style all access to the roof is now permanently banned because "it's too dangerous."

Which is a shame, because this is what it looks like up there: (not my actual building, but on same street)

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