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From  winter_storm, Tales From Retail:

This happened yesterday, and I'm still laughing about it.

So, it was 5:00 AM, and I had just opened my store. Like, the doors hadn't even finished their open-then-close-then-open-then-close thing they do when first turned on for the day - and this stranger comes in.

This is odd, because I work in a gas station/convenience store in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, WA. I know nearly everyone that comes in. About 96% of my customers are regulars that come in every day. The other 4% are people who, durning the summer months, are on a road trip to the mountains or somewhere, and we happen to be on their route. But the road trip people nevershow up before 8:00 AM. Never.

So this guy is an anomaly, right off the bat.

I stop heading towards the coffee pots (the first mission of the day, of course, being to make coffee), and divert my course to take my position behind the counter to help this guy. I'm irritated by this interruption in my routine - but what can you do? Customers come first, right?

I greet him with my standard, "'Morning!" (I don't say "good morning" anymore because of all the customers that come back with "what's so good about it?!?")

He doesn't respond at all. Whatever.

When he reaches my counter, he delves deep into his pockets, pulls out 5 rolls of dimes (Seriously?!?). and dumps them on my counter.

I give him my best customer service smile and ask, "What can I do for you today?" He mumbles "25 on 4" as he's walking away. No eye contact, no polite banter - nothing. Just dumps rolls of coins and marches out the door.

Fine, whatever.

Except....hey, I've been at this cashier thing for over 25 years, and I can tell when a "roll" isn't really a roll.

So I count the first "roll". It's supposed to be $5.00, right? Well, it's only $4.60. Second roll? $4.80. Third roll? $4.70. Fourth roll? $4.60. Fifth and final roll? $4.70. So he's $1.80 short of the $25.00 he wanted on pump 4.

O.K, dude...

So I put $23.20 on his pump. And stared at him out the window the whole time he was filling up.

The look on his face when the pump stopped at $23.20 was priceless!

I don't think I've ever seen anyone get in their car and leave that fast before.

-- winter_storm





The exact reason we didn't take rolled money, and had them open every role. It was always a roll of quarters they were going to use at the laundromat, but decided to spend with us. Some rolls would be filled with steel washers with a couple quarters on the ends. Our bank wouldn't take our word on rolled coins either, and gave us the current exchange value for Canadian coins. We did offer customers with Canadian coins to take them at the exchange rate if they insisted it was a quarter just take it.

Misty Meanor

We don't take unrolled coins. If it's a small purchase and they're paying with large coins, then we can take them. Otherwise, if you're dumping out a bunch of pennies for a large purchase, forget it!


I use the self check out to get rid of change. Don't worry the self checkouts always have many unused lines in my town. The self checkout operator is always in front of them trying to get people to use them. I only use them to get rid of change. A baggie full of coins one at a time. Like One Piece at a Time by Johnny Cash.


I love the look on the face of a scammer when they get caught. Its right up there with puppies and ice cream for me.


I use the self check to get rid of my coins too, I call it "the before payday slots." I don't use quarters, because I need those for laundry. I usually have enough in change to buy lunch, saving my dollar bills for gas.


I get people all the time who will ask for $30 on a pump, hand me a stack of singles, and book it out the door. I'll count and it'll be anywhere between $25 and $29. So I adjust the amount. One guy came back "I asked for $30." "But you only gave me $25.' He left.

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