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From dhl991, Tales From Retail:

I have been in and out of the automotive retail industry for the past 7 years. This one comes from a time at a big chain automotive aftermarket parts store. I have many stories of disgruntled customers but I like to tell this one particularly. Customer: C me: M

C comes in and is obviously irritated that he has to even speak to a person.

C: I need wipers for my car. I don't think you will have them it's a blah blah blah BMW.

M: We probably do we have adapters for all sorts of cars what year make and model is it.

C: It's a blah blah BMW.

M: we have a couple brands that will fit that car. Do you want to take a look at your options.

C: No just give me the best ones.

M: Ok the rainx latitudes are the best we have would you like me to install them for you. (We offer this to every customer that buys wipers rain or shine)

C: I can put my wipers on myself I'm not an idiot.

M: Ok that will be $54.95.

C: 54.95 for a set of wipers!

M: You said you wanted the best ones.

C: Fine!

Customer goes out to car. Puts wipers on himself and honestly installs them correctly. Then comes back into store.

C: I just payed $50 for these wipers and they suck. U recommended them and I want a refund (yelling at me).

M: Can you show me what the problem with them is, most people are really happy with those.

Proceed to walk out to his car. Rainx latitudes were top of the line back then. They came with a plastic cover over the actual blade part to protect them. He had left that on. He showed me how bad they were with his washer fluid. I walked to the side of his car and pulled the covers off.

C: ......

M: Have a nice day sir.







But these wipers still suck! Don't cloud the issue with facts.

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