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From TheLastAxolotl, Tales From Retail:

I last worked in retail about a year ago in a local store chain, and this one encounter always stood out in my memories.

I first saw this woman enter the store with a baby stroller. She seemed pretty normal. About 20 minutes later, as I was manning the cashier, she turned up in line. She seemed a bit nervous. I greeted her a good morning but she just responded with a nod. As I finished bagging her things and said good bye, she promptly bumped into the woman beside her and all of us could hear glass bottles hitting each other from inside stroller.

We tried to talk to her into letting us look at her "baby" but she refused, saying her baby is asleep. We inquired about the glass sound but she began screaming that it's just her baby's milk bottle.

My manager finally came to us when a small crowd was forming around us as she began shouting: "Stay away from me, you fuckers! You're stressing my baby the fuck out! Who do you think you are?"

I promptly called security as she started pushing our other customers out of the way as she ran to the exit. Luckily, they caught her before she got away. It turns out that she tried to steal four bottles of vodka and hid them in the baby stroller, trying to pass them off as her baby.








Misty Meanor

It's crazy what people will do.


Anytime, ANYBODY comes into the store with a baby stroller and I don't see an actual baby IN it, I assume they're here to steal.

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