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From maniactigwelder, Tales From Retail:

Pretty much what the title says, I was working yesterday in our sandwich shop when a kid probably in his early 20s walks in and wants to get two sandwiches.

Ok, cool. He then takes about 10 minutes hovering between choices and not sure what to get all the while a line is slowly but surely forming. I can see the customers are getting agitated but we only have the one register, and every time I suggest he step aside and let another customer order he replies with "I'm almost done, just one second".

He eventually settles on a ham sandwich and a beef sandwich, thank god. We make him his food and then we send him on his way.

Or so we thought

About 15 minutes later I'm cleaning by the front register when he comes up and stands by the counter. The following is the exchange we had the best I can remember it

M- Me C- Customer

Me: Yes, did you need help with something

C: Yeah, I started to eat my second sandwich but then realized I was too full. I don't want it anymore.

Me: .....OK? What would you like me to do about it?

C: Well I'd like a refund on it obviously! (He says this as though it's the most obvious thing in the world)

Jason 001aMe: ...Sir we don't offer refunds on any of our items.

C: What are you talking about? Other places offer refunds on things all the time!!

Me: Normally yes, however given that ours is a food joint, we don't. If for some reason I were to refund your sandwich I couldn't resell it, so it would be a profit loss for the store.

C: Well this is bullsh*t! I want to see your manager

Me: You already are. As I said we don't issue refunds of any kind. My apologies (not really.) Can I help you with anything else?

C: What am I supposed to do with this sandwich?!?! I'm NOT hungry!

Me: I really don't know. Save it for later maybe?

At this reply C gets quiet, then grabs his things and rushes out of our store. Tell ya what, it's the little things that make this job so special.





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