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From movingcntower, Tales From Retail:

I work in a car parts chain store that has a few thousand locations across Canada. Each one shares the same name but each store is individually owned and operated. This, products and services may vary.

This happened earlier today: I was at the desk when an old man walked in. He looked around for a few minutes and eventually came up to me and asked for a few keys to be copied. I always look at the keys before hand, to ensure that I can actually duplicate them, because some keys we can't. I noticed that one of the ones he wanted was one for a government issued mailbox.

Now, until a few years ago, it was illegal to duplicate these, and you had to go to the post office to get a copy. However even though it's not illegal anymore, our store never got blanks to copy them. I then told the old man (OM) that I was unable to make this copy.

Me: I'm sorry, I unfortunately can't cut this mailbox key.

OM: Well, you should be able to, they aren't illegal anymore.

Me: yes, I know, but we never got the key blanks to copy them. Would you like me to do the rest of these?

OM: well, no I want the mailbox one done too. The store in (other town) did it for me no problem.

Me: well, each store is individually owned and operated, so the selection may vary... unfortunately our store owner has decided not to do these.

OM: well I don't believe that. I think you're either stupid or lying to me.

Me: I'm not stupid or lying to you. Why would I lie about that? If you're gonna keep talking to me like that though, I'm gonna stop serving you.

OM angrily picks up keys off counter and storms off "oh, now I know, you're a f**king idiot. I don't want your help anyway!"

Jeez. Just over keys. I can understand you're frustrated, but really?

TL ;DR I get yelled at and cussed at for not being able to cut a mailbox key.




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