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From  Blocked_ID, Tales From Retail:

So earlier today I'm working an 8 hour shift as a cashier at an American upscale supermarket; about 3/4 of the way through my shift a customer comes through my line and would like to purchase some yellow peaches, I place them on the scale, enter the PLU and take off the tare weight.

Customer: "Those peaches are supposed to be $1.99"

Me: "Yes, they're $1.99 per pound."

C: "No, they're supposed to be $1.99 for the bag." (it's an open paper bag that people can place as many or as few peaches in as they please, so no this doesn't make any sense.)

Me: "Well, I'm sorry but they're $1.99/lb."

C: "Well that's false advertising. The label said $1.99."

Me: "I'm certain the label would have said per pound somewhere, but it can be easy to-"

C: "Well basically you're saying that I'm not able to read properly, and that's not appreciated."

Me: ... "Um, okay. Sorry. That'll be $21.49."

After my shift I checked the sign, it said "LOCAL yellow peaches, $1.99 per lb"

So no, you can't read properly.

-- Blocked_ID






I had a female customer who misunderstood 68 cents for each green pepper and she thought it was 68 cents a lb. The bag she brought me full of peppers looked like Santa Claus's bag of toys in how many she stuffed in one bag! After the manager and I told her she was wrong, she didn't want the bag! Why would she need so many peppers, I wonder?

Jason Anderson

I once had a lady freak out because our signs which clearly read Buy 1 Get 1 50%, she exploded because of course its not ringnig at 50% off. I went and showed her the sign with her (just in case we accidently had the wrong sign up) and was met with this jem.." I came here to shop, NOT TO READ" Good luck with your life lady....

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