Convenience Store Hell: Surprised By The Law, Every Time... For Four Years
Just Found Out The Chef Who Invented Bacon Works At My Local Supermarket's Prepared Food Section!


Kim C

The black guy is awesome - "I can order it for you". So calm. I would have bolted.


It's all an act right? On her part at least. I'm sure the guys in the store maybe didn't know what was going on. She's trying to be the woman from the Stephen King novel Misery.


I...don't know Samus. I can't remember if it was a setup or not. Scary that you can't tell anymore huh?



Yes, it was a setup for a local production of Misery. The cashier was in on it with the woman. I believe they were in the play itself, or were at least working with the actors in the play. I forget where I saw that information, but I remember checking just to be sure myself when this first surfaced. It's a few years old now, I think.


Yes, because a screaming asshole in the middle of an otherwise quiet store will definitely make me want to go see a screaming asshole on a stage...

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