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I used to work the graveyard at a convenience store near my place. Pretty normal night. Clean, stock smokes, clean again, sit behind the counter.

Then a woman came in about mid 30's with a little boy with her.  She was in tears and her clothes were torn a bit. There were some unusual colors blooming under her skin. I get a really ugly feeling.

She comes up and asks to use the phone. When she got off without apparently getting an answer, she asked to stay here for a bit.

I told her it would be no problem, and she settles her kid. I make a quiet phone call to the police about a suspected abuse victim and her child hiding out in my store.

I wound up giving her and her kid free drinks and one of the sandwiches we have on the hot rack, partly to keep them around, partly because I felt like they could use a good steaming cup of human kindness right about then.

She was in the store for about 15 minutes when her "boyfriend" came in and found her and her kid.

He was pretty calm at first but then started screaming at her and telling her she needs to come with him. She refuses to go, and he's getting more and more agressive.  

Now, I'm a pretty chill guy, but Mr Baseball Bat? He's getting mightily offended by this guy, and Mr Baseball Bat thinks "boyfriend" oughta learn to be nicer. And I don't argue with Mr Baseball Bat when he gets in one of his... moods. My fingers are curling around Mr Baseball Bat, who is pretty insistent that we handle this problem... his way. 

Luckily before anything crazy happened, a cruiser pulls up to the front and two cops come in and intervene.

Jason RawrMr. Baseball Bat is grumbling, and still offended, but is willing to let the Boys In Blue handle this problem. My fingers uncurl from Mr. Baseball Bat's grip.

The "boyfriend" was arrested right then and there.

My fears were confirmed. The "boyfriend" had been beating her in front of her kid, and she was trying to run away. I'm glad I got to keep her away from harm for at least a little bit.

Mr Baseball Bat still thinks we should have just turned off the security cameras and had a little "talk" with the boyfriend though... Do you think Mr Baseball Bat has anger issues, or is this normal? ;)




Tech Support Survivor

Mr. Baseball Bat isn't the only one feeling like that.

But seriously, glad you called the cops and they arrived in time to prevent more trouble. People like that so called boyfriend need to be dealt with. I would have been happier to see him turn the same colours he inflicted on that poor woman, but safer to let the armed police handle it.

Misty Meanor

Kudos to you for reporting it. Mr. Baseball Bat should've been used as a last resort if the "boyfriend" became violent.


This reminds me of a character in the cartoon Curtis.

The local barber at the local barber shop is doing his business, when a shady-looking guy comes in with a box of stuff he's trying to sell to the barber, obviously stolen. The barber demurs, saying that he needs to consult Lucille first in the back. Needless to say, when Shady Guy sees Lucille, he runs.


You quite possibly saved both that woman and that child's life. Really quite heroic - salute to you.


I think Mr Baseball Bat would love to join up with my two friends the Steel Toecap Sisters, they are very no nonsense about that sort of conversation.

You did a diamond job there, thank you.


While the boyfriend deserves a very close and personal meeting with Mr. Baseball Bat, it is best the way it ended up finishing. Giving him a beat down could of gotten you arrested, traumatized the child even more, and possibly lead to him putting on the victim act to where the woman and child jump in to defend him instead of pressing charges.


As satisfying as an introduction to Mr Baseball bat would've been, you reacted in just the right way. If Mr Bat had caused mountains to rise and continents to drift in the landscape of the asshole's face, you could've faced charges, and it could've helped him to get off and be back on the streets


You deserve a standing ovation!

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