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From riversong_spoilersTalesFromRetail

I work in a gas/convenience store with a soda fountain. The prices for each size of cup are posted right where you grab the size you want. Had a lady bring a soda up to the counter and it went like this: M= me, C= customer

M: Hi, that'll be $1.10

C: Oh, why that much?

M: It's 99 ¢ plus tax

C: Oh, it said 66¢ back there (pointing at the fountain) (We don't have a 66¢ soda)

Me: I'll bet the 99¢ sign is upside down.

She looked crest-fallen and took her soda back to the fountain, poured it down the drain and got a 79¢ drink. Then she took it to the other register, wouldn't look at me as she passed me.

Evidently she didn't notice that the ¢ sign was upside down and on the wrong side of the 66.





She poured the entire soda down the drain instead of into the smaller cup and dumping the remainder. A bit dense that one. The mistake of the sign is upside down I can see happening.


I'm betting she turned it upside down herself hoping to get you to cave, probably why she went to another till and wouldn't look at you, you caught her.


Meh. We all do dumb things, and the product waste would bother me a lot more than the 33 cents. I'd probably wind up giving it to her at the reduced price and telling her that next time, she would be paying the full price


A store that allows employee's to decide I would have taken that price and said not again. Otherwise wasted product and cup. A store that doesn't allow employee's to decide on something like that, well they loose all that as they're never going to recover that small amount of money from that person for less than the product cost.


We get people almost daily who move shelf tags thinking they'll get a cheaper price...usually on beer. They'll take a 2/$3.00 tag and put it in front of a $4 beer, then get angry when we don't honor it. Allowing the price change only encourages them to try it again so we don't honor it, ever. I have told people that if they're going to try to scam us to shop elsewhere. No store wants thieves and scammers as customers.


I agree with all that, flute, but I'd still rather give a 33 cent discount and politely tell them next time you'll know better, than have the lost product. This only applies to the fountain drinks and such, though, as all other products are pre-packaged, and it won't be wasted when I take it and put it back. And you're definitely not getting that 4 dollar can of beer for 2 bucks or whatever lame brained thing you're trying to pull

And I'm not convinced she was trying to scam anything, since she didn't make a fuss, and just got the smaller size. I've made dumb ass mistakes like that, too

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