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From Ever_Anon, Tales From Retail:

I work at a local farmer's market on weekends for some extra cash. We have a lot of regulars, most of whom are pretty nice.

However in this particular tale I'm helping a woman I've never seen before. She's asking a lot of questions about our products, which I'm answering as best as I can. For the purposes of this tale she'll be RL (Rude Lady).

RL: [After asking questions about almost every product we have] I guess I'll take a bottle of milk.

Me: Ok, what size?

RL: [Holds hands apart instead of answering]

Me: Sooo...the medium size?

RL: [Continues not answering]

Me: Alright, let me grab that for you. It'll be three dollars.

RL: Two dollars.

Me: Um, we have a smaller size for two dollars. Is that what you want?

RL: Two dollars!

Me: Okay, let me just get the smaller-

RL: No, that one is two dollars!

Me: Ma'am, I'm not allowed to give discounts. If you want the medium size, it's-

RL: It's always two dollars! I'm here all the time, and they always give it to me for two dollars!

Me: [Wondering why I've never seen her before if she's here "all the time."] I'm sorry, I don't know who was giving you that discount, but I'm not allowed-

RL: Vendor!

Me: [Blank stare]


The light bulb comes on. We have vendor discounts for people working other stands. It's usually a dollar off.

Me: Ma'am, do you work at this market?

RL: What do you think?!

Me: I'm sorry, I didn't realize. It'll be two dollars.

RL: [Pays and walks off in a huff]

She must have visited our stand at least once to know about the discount. (Unless she heard about it from someone else, which is also possible.) Regardless, I'd never seen her before and she wasn't wearing anything that would indicate she worked at the market. Would it have killed her to just say so instead of yelling at me for five minutes?






"What do you think?!"
"I think adults should be able to manage more than a grunt and vague wave when asked a question."


"What do you think" is not an affirmative answer. I would be suspicious that she isn't since she didn't actually say "yes". She gave a vague answer so that it could go in whatever direction works best for her.


If it's a vendor doing it you can treat them with contempt surely, they wouldn't want to be treated like that themselves, IF they were genuine.

Scammer, all for a dollar.


"If you can't use all your words like a real adult, then no."
Good grief. I would not have given her the vendor discount simply for how she treated you/me! Vendors usually know how to act and what to do to prove themselves. THAT was an "entitled person", in my opinion.

"What do you think"

"I think a complete sentence consists of a subject, a verb, and an object. You should try it sometime."


"I think we need to use our big girl words. Until we can do that, we can't get any discounts"


I seriously question if the lady was a real vendor. She might of just overheard someone else get the vendor discount and thought the word "vendor" was some kind of secret coupon password. If she screams it enough, it will magically get her a discount.


"You don't want to know what I think"

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