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Gift Card Hell: "I'm sorry sir, that gift card isn't for our store..."


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From Fa_Ling, Tales From Retail:

I work at a large retailer for crafting supplies, and have been for about 3 months as a cashier. I worked here 6 months the year prior, as well. In our plaza there are a few other large stores, so keep this in mind.

Labels: Me = Me Confused Customer = CC Large store 1 = X Large store 2 = Y Large store 3 = Z Our store = U

So basically a customer walks up to me with a whole bunch of items, which isn't unusual. And I begin my usual.

Me: "I can help you at cash 2. Hi sir! How's it going?"

CC: barely audible mumble


Me: finishes scanning items "alright, your total is (approximately, I don't remember) $80. Would that be cash, debit, or credit?"

CC : "No no, card."

Me: "alright card it is! credit or debit?"

CC:" NO. Card, card!!"

Me: "....I'm sorry sir what type of card?"

CC: "THIS ONE." flails card about

Me:"....would you mind showing me please?"

CC: grunts, flashes me the card

At this point I realize it looks vaguely like a weird gift card so I figure okay then. Gift card it is..

Me: "Oh I see, a gift card! Alright then, go ahead and swipe your card at the reader for me please."

After multiple attempts and some annoyed grunting, I realize it's being rejected.

CC:" Why won't it work???"

Me: * takes the card and reads it properly * "Ahh, sir...this card is only valid at stores X, Y, and Z. Unfortunate it won't work because it does not belong with us. Sorry about that! Would you happen to have another method of payment perhaps?"

CC: "Why not?? It says here 'X, Y, and Z!' Those stores are right there!" points outside

Me:".....I understand that but unfortunately this gift card is only valid at those stores, not ours...."


Me:"'re right...It says X Y, and Z.No where does it say U..."

He then proceeds to argue with me for another 2 minutes while I keep pointing out that he's readying the store names the card is valid on and that our is not included. Finally, he just kinda gives up all annoyed and pays credit. That was an interesting one for sure......

Tl;dr: guy gets annoyed he can't pay with a gift card that isn't for our store.






Misty Meanor

Sounds like he didn't speak good English and might not have understood. Regardless, I absolutely HATE it when that happens!

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