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Is this a bookstore or an edition of Cosmo?



From  jamsiel, Tales From Retail:

So, I work at a large chain bookstore, and we have computers out on the floor for customers to use to look up books. We are supposed to reach out to customers and offer help and strike up conversation whenever possible, and when someone is at one of these computers, it’s a big hint to us that we should ask to help.

One day I was out on the floor meandering on a slow day, when I noticed an old man of about 80 standing at one of the terminals slowly tapping away, one finger at a time. He reminded me of my super sweet grandfather. Jackpot, he definitely needs help!

I walk up to him, and begin to say:

“Can I help you... uh... find anything?”

Of course, the reason I faltered halfway through saying the phrase I say 500 times a day is because I noticed what he was typing into the search bar:

'hott sex positons'


He stayed there searching for another 40 minutes. Luckily, he said he didn’t need help.




The Museum of Play


 From Great Big Story:

Ready your senses for nostalgia overdrive: the Strong Museum in Rochester, New York, has every toy from your childhood and then some. Known as the “Museum of Play,” inside, you’ll find a colorful collection of more than 500,000 objects that represent the history of toys and games in the United States. From board games to videos games, dolls to Pez dispensers, Barbies to Furbies to yo-yos and more—if you can play with it, you’ll find it here.

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Convenience Store Hell: Don't You Have Magical Technology In Your Corner Convenience Store?



From BobTheBritishSkellieTalesFromRetail

Back when I was working at a convenience store, a customer, in a suit, came up the the till and handed me his credit card, I waited for a second, expecting him to tell me he wanted to buy some smokes or something, after about 5 seconds I said,

"What can I get ya?"

He pointed to a basket full of stuff and said, "Just this please."

I told him I'd need the basket on the till so I could scan the items.

He said, "I thought your scanners got all that stuff."

I said, "No, I have to do it by hand," as the till happily beeped away.

To this day I still am not sure if he was fucking with me or had only ever shopped in some kind of futuristic place where every product has an RFID chip in it.