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From  yazminnie, Tales From Retail:

I work at a makeup counter for a popular brand, within a department store. Our appointments get booked up far in advance, because ya know, that's what we do here.

Woman calls this morning when we open. She is transferred by a switchboard operator to me because it's a department store and she didn't call my line directly.

She had a rude attitude from the start.

Woman: I need to make an appointment for two makeups this saturday.

Me: Sure let me see what we have! pretends to check again just to be polite even though i know we're booked Unfortunately we are all booked out I'm so sorry!


Me: Would you like me to give you the number of our actual store not inside the department store which is just across the corner from the department store?

W: Ugh. Just transfer me to other brand.

Me: I'm sorry I can't transfer calls from the counter.

W: ........... I just got transferred to you.

Me: Yes, by a switchboard operator. At the actual counters we can't do that. I'll just check to see if other brand has --

W: Go get someone for me to speak to.

Me: No one is here yet for that brand, I'm sure they will be in soon if you would like to try back later.

I kid you not almost a full minutes silence and I can just hear her breathe and pretty much hear the gears in her brain working to come up with something to say

Me: Hello?

W: You are as useless as a blank piece of paper.

/Hangs up

I know she was trying to insult me but... thanks lady. Lol.

Just wish she didn't hang up on me so I could have thanked her for the compliment 😝

-- yazminnie




McHell Manager

The best part is the insult. A blank peice of paper is actually extremely useful. Put it in a printer and you can print anything you need. Need to jot something down? Hey look! A blank peice of paper! Want to draw? You get the idea


McHell Manager, that was a lamest burn ever! Blank paper can be used to make complicated origami too. She should have mentioned the simile as useless as tits on a bull instead. I remember an episode of "Spongebob" when he and Patrick were having a lot of fun with a blank piece of paper and Squidward was jealous and wanted the paper. They gave it to him and since Squidward has no imagination, the paper was no fun!

Misty Meanor

Blank pieces of paper are quite useful! I use them to draw!


I would have bust out laughing and died from suffocation. I work at a print shop. If someone were to tell me I was as useless as a blank sheet of paper, I would ask why the hell we pay so much to keep it in stock.

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