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Man arrested for using $2 bills at Best Buy


From Youtube:

Some people don't know that two dollar bills are real, so when Mike Bolesta used over 50 of them to make a purchase at a Best Buy store, an encounter with the police and Secret Service ensued. In this clip from The Two Dollar Bill Documentary, see the story of what happened when a cashier was unsure of the quirky currency.








I have had this happen before. It's kinda scary that people are that stupid and they deal with money all day long.

Cashiers are, if anything, more likely to be idiots than the average person. Managers, at least as likely. Even the patrol cop who showed up, OK, I can buy that there are cops out there who are clueless enough to not know that $2 bills are real.

But the department should be sued to force them to train their officers properly. The Secret Service has a hotline for cops specifically for this sort of situation. The cop should have called them *from the scene*, not from the station after making a false arrest. And should have been trained specifically to do that.

Assuming that this is an accurate account. I suspect the guy got handcuffed because he walked in the door pissed off (which is pretty much routine with Best Buy) and got froggy with the cop about it.


I have a couple unused $2 I got the day the bank first got them. The thing is checkers were almost as clueless about a $2 bill a year after they were in circulation, as these people were.
Some of the most hated currency because it didn't work in vending machines or have a slot in the cash drawer. $2 bill, 50 cent coin, large dollar coins, sacagawea dollar coins. It was like people playing hot potato if any of these were used until they made it back to the bank.


Morons was meant for the later part not the clerk. Government workers that enforce the law should always know what is real money, it's part of their job.

Misty Meanor

I actually had a couple of $2 bills that I got during a convention. I decided to spend them while I still could because I got wary about carrying them around.


I've got a bunch of them around somewhere, the original 1928 issue, (worth 2.10$ to a collector. :P), some from the 1976 reissue. I stopped collecting them when I got 13, because I was a weird kid. My 13th birthday was a friday the 13th, and 2$ bills are supposed to be bad luck. That's why you often see them with the corners ripped off. You're 'supposed' to rip off a corner if you get one to prevent the bad luck, and if you get one with no corners, spit in the middle.

Although I've never been to one, supposedly the most common source of them is the horse racetracks, because of the 2$ bet.


My grandfather would give my brothers and I a $2.00 bill every time we visited. I should have been saving them, but I loved seeing the cashier's reaction when I slid that over the counter.

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