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From  SilasDG, Tales From Retail:

Had a customer come in to return ink today. She claimed it was bought a month before and that we sold it to her expired. This was already highly unlikely as it was one of our most requested cartridges and we restock on it every week. Still my associate comes up and I try to work with the customer. I'll be Silas and the customer will be Customer.

Silas: So you say you bought it last month? Do you have a receipt?

Customer: NO why do I need a receipt! You sold it to me expired!

Silas: That's very unlikely mam, your package says it expired in 2015 and looks worn (the labels on the two cartridges were damaged) that means we would have received it in 2014. None of my ink sits more than a month or too.

Customer: How can you be sure!

Silas: (walks over to the shelf behind the counter) I only have 3 left currently even and they all say 2019 on them. They're brand new. I get new ones constantly and without a receipt I unfortunately don't have any proof of your claim. If you have the card you bought it on we could try looking it up"

Customer: I don't have it my husband bought it!

Silas: If he can bring it in another time we can try to figure it out then for him.

Customer: So you wont just return them!! (nearly $100 in product)

Silas: No, i'm sorry i cant.

Customer: Just give me a color cartridge then!

Silas: Sure I can grab that for you.

As I go to turn the customer picks up one of the black cartridges she was trying to return and throws it sideways along with the packaging at me hitting me in the chest.

Silas: You can leave my store now. (points to door)

Customer: You aren't going to get me my ink!?

Silas: No, you're no longer welcome here. Leave.

Customer: Fine then! (Turns away leaving ink)

Silas: Did you want your ink? I will be throwing it away if you don't take it.

Customer: NO you take it. I wont be back you've just lost a customer and I buy a lot of supplies here!

Silas: That's fine. You're not welcome here, I don't want you as a customer.

She left forgetting her keys. The two customers behind her started laughing their asses off. They also had a return and I asked if they had a receipt. They said yes, then the guy stopped and goes "wait no!" pretending to hide it. It was a good laugh. Lady storms back in and demands her keys saying "don't think I'd just leave these with you!" to which I shrugged. she left, we laughed again and basically exchanged "wtf some people"





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