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If you're in Alaska, the mosquitos do tend to get fairly big.

Kai Lowell

Or Florida.


Now I want to go back in time to when my uncle had a rectangular one about 3'x4' for the barn. It would zap flies and fry moths with a wing span of 6 inches.


You have to admit we don't have as many Pterodactyls about these days.


That just shows how effective this is!

A while back, I saw a thing that I desperately wanted to come to market... A MITish place had set up a gadget that identified female mosquitoes by the sound of their wings (Different pitch from males, and the females are the ones that both bite and suck in all senses of the words) and would go all 'Destroy them with lazers!" on them. Two middlin' weak lasers would converge on the one spot and shoot them down. I so want to buy one of those and watch the fireworks in the yard.

Florida does have some fierce mosquitoes, when you can hear them landing on a window and feel them hit you...


About 20 years ago someone on a board announced they had hooked up a lab laser to track and zap flies. Everybody was very cool man. That laser required protective eyewear be worn though.

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