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I suspect the ground level was moved at some point, and that's more for something like taking work carts up and down rather than wheelchairs, but heh.

Kai Lowell

My mum would love this. At least till the abrupt drop-off.


Yeah. I highly doubt that this was intended as a wheelchair ramp.


If it wasn't for the fact it was concrete, it'd look just like a slide.


They may have been able to back small delivery trucks up to it and use a hand trolley on the truck bed onto the ramp into the building. It's not a place that ices up or gets snow for sure. One foot on that and you'd be at the wall in 5 seconds, if your leg or arm didn't go through the railing on the way down.


Actually , the loading dock/ramp makes sense. The green wall to the left of the first picture is a gate that would open, so it's not just in a little alcove.

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