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Carolanne 007From Puppies In Prada

Working at the Animal Shelter Thrift Shop is close to heaven on earth when it comes to retail jobs. No, really. Our manager treats us like adults, and things are fairly lax around here. We can do our own speed, as long as we keep our department, and our part of the back room under control. Honestly it's a job I would probably stay at if only it was full time with benefits.

We are on our own recognizance. Most of us get an hour on the donation door, and an hour or two at registers. (The few who don't tend to be either taking larger furniture pieces, delivering them, or picking them up. Heavy labor stuff, so they're freed from registers.) Otherwise you're entirely on your own for your entire shift. Take your breaks any time outside of paying your dues on the two alternate places you have to help out at.

I handle shoes and purses, going over them as they come in, choose to keep or discard, pricing (75%-80% off the retail price) and putting on the floor. It took the better part of the first week and a half to get everything re-sorted (men's, women's; sneakers, heels, sandals, flats or boots?)that my predecessor had in storage. (Banana yellow high heels that seem to be made out of plastic? Really? You think that's going to sell? Discard pile!)

Overall, "your own recognizance" is basically working on your department. as I have said before, I am the Purses/Shoes/Luggage person. The ONLY one handing this department, mind, but 'department' is a loose description for my tiny 6' x 18' section of floor with shelves and purse hooks) I get the donations of these, keep or discard, sort and stash.

I have a bunch of sandals, which I have emptied out an entire display rack and stocked with them. It's summer. Now is the time to get the damn things out of my inventory. Otherwise I'll have them all winter. Nobody buys sandals in winter in snow country!

I have quite a few boots on hand, which I'm hoarding. Come September, when the weather is on the verge of turning wet and cold up here, I'm going to put them out for people to buy.

I get all this under thumb, and the manager comes by to ask how things are going. I tell her my plans.

Manager: "Oh good, you have a good plan. It sounds like you know how retail works."

Me: (squirming internally, feeling mildly offended and rather soul crushed by the realization of what my entire adult life has come down to) "...Yes. Yes I do..."

*pained grimace*

--Puppies In Prada




You say that like it's a bad thing. It's not really. Sounds like you have great organizational skills and enough foresight and planning skills to know when product will move and when you'll be stuck with it. You also have an eye for knowing what is completely useless and you know will never sell. All great marketable skills!

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