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From ParzivalsQuest, Tales From Retail:

I worked the customer service desk at a big box electronics store for about a year and a half, and this incident took place about 6 months ago.

People often get confused by the way our line is set up (which is beyond me, you just go through the ropes) so I'm used to people cutting in line or standing awkwardly at the wrong end of the desk.

So thus begins our tale. An old man comes up to the desk, the wrong way of course, with a router. My coworker is working with the only other customer in line so this old man isn't really cutting anyone in line. I go through my overly enthusiastic introduction and ask what I can do for this guy. He doesn't respond, but rather throws a discolored receipt on the desk in between us. So, OM=old man and I am Me.

Me: "Unfortunately it looks like this router was purchased in 2011 so I won't be able to do a refund for you today, as our return policy is XX days." (I've dealt with ridiculous requests before and sometimes we can make an exception but this was too much)

OM: "This is f***ing ridiculous. It says there is a lifetime warranty ON THE BOX. I want my money back, it's broken."

Me: "A manufacturers warranty is valid only through the manufacturer. We can only complete a return during the return policy period, which is XX days. I apologize but I won't be able to issue a refund."

OM: "But it says ON THE BOX."

Me: "I see that. However this purchase is not within OUR return policy."

He goes back and forth with me for a good 5 minutes and is so angry that he's spitting on me and the counter.

Ends up leaving with his broken router, though I did give him the manufacturer phone number. Even though it was on the box. Below where it said lifetime warranty. I'm fine with doing exception returns, but 6 years outside of policy and getting yelled at for it is a little too much for me.

TL;DR old man tries to return a router 6 years outside of our return policy, loses his mind when I tell him I can't return it.





Misty Meanor

Some people should not be handling electronics once they're past a certain age!


my store gets this a lot. warrenties are not honored at the store level!


Understandable frustration, even if he was stupid and childish about it.

Try dealing with someone with a defective water heater, sometime. Not only do you not return it to the store, you don't even uninstall it. You call the warranty company, and they send out a licensed plumber to repair it. And if it does need to be replaced, the plumber does all the work. All 100% free (they're an excellent warranty company, at least around here).

Literally all you have to do is make one phone call, and open the door when the plumber arrives.

Not drag a water heater full of water - weighing at least a thousand pounds - back to the store.

And you really don't need to bitch at how *easy* it all is.

Jason Anderson

i used to have this same exact conversation about Levi's when I worked for Mervyns'...levis says 2 year warranty..YES LEVIS says that, not us..well blah blah blah..just call levi's.


An older person expecting that, is expecting what was normal most of their life. My father bought a certain national brand of tools, because all you had to do is bring in the broken tool to a store that sold the brand and they exchanged it or sent it to the repair center. The brand had a lifetime guarantee so you didn't need the receipt, just the broken tool. The customer didn't have to deal with the manufacturer the store did.

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