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Retail Hell Memories: Colour Printer Refund


Jason 034

From  Master_GaryQ, Tales From Retail:

This is going back aways - last century sometime when colour lasers were expensive, hefty machines. I was in the Tech area at Officeworks, and someone came in on a Monday morning wanting to return a printer. The store policy at the time was pretty much no questions asked, as long as the item was in 're-saleable condition'.

It would be marked down 30% and put back out for sale.

So we processed the refund 'item not suitable'. Life goes on.

Next monday morning, same thing - same guy. Turns out he was President of his son's football club and printing out the newsletters each week with a brand new laser, then returning it. Free ink until we told him to piss off and never come back.

-- Master_GaryQ






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