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Jason 002

From crowbar2525, Tales From Retail:

I work at your local resident office supply store, and I have for two years whilst getting my higher education, and during the summers. Ill be Me, Manager friend will be MF, Customer will be C. You guys know the drill.

So one day I'm minding my own business, helping people on our tech side (I'm the designated tech salesperson) and a customer walks in, she's probably right around 60, at this time I was standing next to the other elder employee who is also a manager because he's full time (you can't be a manager if you aren't full time here) killing some time. She walks up to us and before I can ever get out a greeting she says "I'm looking for boxes" well she caught us right at the beginning of the isle the boxes are in so I basically tell her they're right here, prices are on the examples etc. Then she hits us with a doozy

C: No, like for free. I don't want to pay.

To that I respond

Me: Well We don't give product away but most of our boxes are very inexpensive

She comes back with another heavy hitting statement in a much less happy tone

C: Yeah, but you guys get product right? what do they come in?

M: Well, boxes.

C: And do you have any of those?

M: No, we got our shipment two days ago, and we crush all of our boxes(we do)

C: Are you even going to go check for me?

M: no ma'am I've been back there more than once today and we have no boxes, we also still cannot give away free versions of product we sell.

C: Well, I want to speak to a manager

My face when my buddy next to me watching all this happen is the manager, so he starts with

MF: That's me

C: And I suppose you aren't going to be of any help either?

MF: No

She turned on her heel and stormed out right after that. Honestly some people just can't figure out that maybe stores don't just give things away without any prior consent, especially when we sell what they want for free. Also in working here for this long I have plenty of stories to tell god damn. So this goes over well, I got plenty more for you lovely people.







I had a bit of a gem happen a few days ago. I was stocking a shipment of ice cream and breaking down the boxes into a grocery cart.

While I'm stocking the ice cream, I hear the boxes moving around behind me. I turn around and find this older lady going through the boxes. I unintentionally stare at her for like 10 seconds. Thoroughly shocked that she wasn't even going to say anything. She ends up noticing me staring at her and simply says that she needs some boxes for moving. I don't know about most of you but I think it's basic common sense that ice cream doesn't exactly come in huge boxes. Most of them wind up getting ripped apart or come semi-wrapped in plastic.

Anyways, after I acknowledge that she needs the boxes with a simple 'ok', she grabs one box and walks away. On her way out, she casually mentions that she works in the store.

I couldn't possibly have cared less if she was Ivanka Trump.

McHell Manager

Dude, just go to BK or McDonald's. They will usually always give out their boxes for free.


Yeah, a lot of places actually save decent boxes for the purpose of giving away.

Not ones that sell boxes, though.


My father used to do that, go to liquor stores and ask for empty boxes. But he explicitly said up front that's what he was after, and he was polite about it.


The corner grocery store where I used to live would hook me up if I needed them, so long as I talked to the manager the day before so they could let the night guys know I'd be coming, and I had to show up for them before they broke them down

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