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Ikea Employees Proud of Their Connection to Game of Thrones



Working in tech support: I first got this computer 3 year ago, and everything was great for a while, then it started having problems.....
You eventually learn to tune everything but the relevant information out, LOL


Yup, it makes you want to shout:
I need a wee.


There is never, not even once, any useful information that follows the words "Let me give you some background information."

I give them 30 seconds to natter, which is usually enough time to get the ticket set up, then I start interrupting. All I care about is "What is the problem now?" If I need to know what stupidities they've inflicted on it since then I'll ask.


I can never decide if the oversharers or the drag each bit of information out with a crane people are worse.

"Hi and thank you for calling, etc"
"Yeah, it doesn't work"
"OK, I can help you with that. What's not working"
"My phone, are you even paying attention?"
"Yes, sir, and I apologize for the misunderstanding. I need to know what it is that your phone is not doing correctly"


Uggghhhh... seriously, I don't need to know that cousin Sissy isn't getting an invitation just because she started playing the bassoon instead of the oboe and that was enough irritation for the family patriarch to get her kicked out of the family will and you will too if you don't disinvite her. I just need to know how many of your wedding invitations to print.


Before I started my '30 seconds then STFU' policy, I had someone give me a five minute treatise on keyboards, how her friend had bought this one and she liked it but she liked this other brand because they came in the CUTEST clear orange but her dog barfed on it and now what do I think of...

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