Scams and Scammers: Job Offer Scams
The 60s are back at Penney's



Barring awful behavior on the part of the customer, the real losers seem to be the employees.


Honestly, there's a difference between a legitimate complaint because of genuinely bad service, and the
"I can't return my 3 year old alarm clock that I no longer have the receipt for, but it wouldn't matter anyway because I bought it at a different store, that went out of business last year, and IT LOOKS LIKE THAT BECAUSE I threw it at a wall one morning because they couldn't find the snooze button and it wouldn't turn off and TAKE MY RETURN THIS IS TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I'M NEVER SHOPPING HERE AGAIN AND I'M CALLING THE POLICE BECAUSE YOU ARE STEALING MY MONEY THEN GOING TO THE BBB TO LODGE A COMPLAINT!" type of complaint

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