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Rude Zoo Visitors Learn Lesson After Taunting Rhino



From BasementRat:

A friend who is a docent for a large U.S. zoo often tells me about his fun encounters , both the animal and human kind. He is studying to be a large animal veterinarian. It is mostly outdoor work, which he enjoys and he has come to know the habits, likes and dislikes of the animals on exhibit.

Visitors to the zoo are many, especially on weekends. My friend enjoys speaking to tourists from all over the country and the world.

One day a group of about a dozen came up to the rhino enclosure. They were all wearing team sweatshirts from the University of Michigan. My friend was delighted to see them because he had gone to the school . He told them all about the rhinos and warned them to stay back from the fence because they have a habit of urinating in a wide arc. A hippo will fan his tail in a circular motion while in the water , a sort of cement mixing of their urine and excrement, while a rhino when urinating, will pretty much flood an entire area with pee.

ZOOHELLaThe group seemed bored and expected the rhinos to do something other than stand there. They weren’t interested in hearing about the animals, they were more interested in taking selfies and making mischief. The group started yelling at the rhinos.

After five minutes they said that the exhibit was lousy ,a waste of time and money. My friend told them that they are not trained circus acts and not to taunt the animals.

My friend walked away in disgust and got about twenty feet away from the rude tourists when he heard screams.

He turned around in time to see the dozen sweatshirt wearing alums being hosed down with gallons of urine.

From head to toe, some with open mouths too stunned to move, the visitors were soaked in steaming piss.

Drenched and stinking, they cried for help, and demanded an answer why?...why did the rhino do THAT? My friend quipped…”Well, you were wearing Michigan team sweatshirts, that particular rhino came from an Ohio zoo, he is obviously a Buckeye fan.”





Misty Meanor



(snickers) Heehee... deserved every bit of it.


Bwhahaha. Totally deserved it


Having gone to a rival school (hint: Go Green!), I find that moderately amusing. :)


Saw a video of a hippo pooping... these people got off easy. As it says, they wag their tail fast to spread it around as territory marking, and it has some really long range... and sounds like a small chainsaw.

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