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I browse the job boards and sometimes look into Sales or Marketing type jobs, and I keep seeing these listings where they want Motivated Workers for blah blah, Creative, blah, incentive-based, grow the brand. Half the description is what is expected of a marketing director, while the other half is buzz-crap.

I called one to talk about it and after lots of discussion, it came out that was just cold-calling for 36 hours a week. (Not allowed to go over, because then you'd be full-time.) The salary listed, if they list, is unattainable because of the incentive structures.

Pyramids and Amway and stuff still make the rounds.

I watched a kid in community college get suckered into one. He bought a WRX STI before the floor fell out from under him. He went from being happy chipper I'm-captain-sales-a-a lot-why-don't-you-join-me, to looking fucking hangdog all the time.

He had no more money coming in, owed his upper-tier shitbag a load of money for the products, he owed on the car because he thought he was going to clear the payments from this, and the products he had could be sourced from online suppliers at 10% what he paid.





Heh. I got tricked in to coming in for an "interview" for one of these places about 6 or 7 years ago. They contacted me regarding my resume, and I was looking for work, so I thought I had applied there and they had just slipped through the cracks


I got loads of those when I was looking for work. Mostly from Aflac.


Yeah, I've been solicited by them before. I don't know how they can possibly get "Insurance Salesman" from a resume that flat out states that I'm looking for a position in IT or Helpdesk


They work like the Microsoft and IRS scammers, or if you prefer, Star Wars Stormtroopers. Everything is a target.

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