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Scams and Scammers: That $300 TV Is On Sale For $20!


01 SCAMMERSFrom Shamyeh, AskReddit

This happened today.

A guy came through my check lane as usual. He had some huge tv that I knew would be about 300-500 dollars.

After I scanned it I looked at my screen and it showed up as 20 bucks. I told him there is no way this TV is 20 dollars.

He was insisting it was 20.

Upon closer inspection the name of the item on my computer screen was definitely not a Samsung TV. So I looked at the barcode and noticed it was taped on!

This guy taped a fucking 20 dollar barcode on a huge TV.

I called over security and the guy was brought to some back room. I hope that guy is happy that he got me a free pie for finding him out. XD




Misty Meanor

The fact that some people are dumb enough to think those scams will work really makes me doubt humanity.




I'm guessing he was counting on the one stupid retail slave to just scan it and be on his merry way

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