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01 SCAMMERSFrom Susan S

There's always the other side of the coin to yesterday's story...

I once scrimped, pinched, and saved to buy a whole new, top of the line stereo system for my car.

When the installer opened the speakers, he discovered they were old, used, not the same brand.

I was not pleased, especially since the installer was about 20 miles from the purchasing store.

I was not compensated either; their opinion was that *I* was trying to scam THEM by trying to return the old stuff. Never mind that they had originally taken it back without checking the box, and then put it on the floor. They just didn't want to admit their mistake.

I never bought another thing from that chain.

--Susan S




I cannot tell you how often this happens in my company. Very often customers will return used items to our online store. The only store does not check said items and then they get shipped out to another customer. Then the obviously pissed off customer comes to my store. Most of the time we can resolve it but it's annoying when employees do not check.

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