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Self-Checkout Hell: None of them are taking cash but you can pay me


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From  PmButtPics4ADrawing, Tales From Retail:

I man the self-checkouts where I work. If the machines run out of money inside them, they won't be able to give out change, so they won't accept cash. However, I have a till with money in it so customers can give me their cash and I'll give them the change. It seems simple but so many people have a hard time with this.

So on this particular day, all eight of our self checkout machines weren't accepting cash because reasons. An older couple comes up to one of the registers and pushes "start". A message pops up saying it doesn't take cash and asks if they want to proceed, and they hit "no" so it's safe to assume they're paying cash.

I call out to them saying "none of the registers are taking cash right now but you can just give your cash to me".

The lady turns around and says they'll just use a different register. So I repeat myself:

Me: "None of them are taking cash but you can pay me."

OL: "What about this one?" points to different register

Me: "None of them are taking cash but you can pay me."

OL: "not even this one?" points to register with the light off and "LANE CLOSED" in big red letters on the screen

Me: "None of them are taking cash but you can pay me."

OL: "So I can just pay you?"

Me: "Yes."

OL: "Oh okay"

cue self-inflicted gunshot

-- PmButtPics4ADrawing







Reminds me of the first episode of Red Dwarf.
"Everybody's dead, Dave."
"What, even Petersen?"
"Everybody. Everybody's dead, Dave."
"Even Kochanski?"
"Gordon Bennett, everybody! Everybody is dead, Dave."


I watched that one about a week ago.


I love that show. I'm about to start watching it again...

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