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The Museum of Play


 From Great Big Story:

Ready your senses for nostalgia overdrive: the Strong Museum in Rochester, New York, has every toy from your childhood and then some. Known as the “Museum of Play,” inside, you’ll find a colorful collection of more than 500,000 objects that represent the history of toys and games in the United States. From board games to videos games, dolls to Pez dispensers, Barbies to Furbies to yo-yos and more—if you can play with it, you’ll find it here.

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McHell Manager

As a person who lives an hour away from Rochester, I don't even have to watch this video. I LOVE the Strong Museum!! Love love LOOOOVE. They have everything from every generation. If you are 80 and going through that museum, you will find the same toys you grew up with. Same with if you are just 18. And I have never seen a judging eye whenever someone over child age runs up to the Sesame Street doors sining "Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away!!!"


McHell, does the museum have the original Hungry Hungry Hippos with the original red board and pink hippo? The company turned the board teal and replaced the pink hippo with a blue one and it's not the same!

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