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Kai Lowell

I'm afraid I have to agree there. Then again I'm not at all fond of pineapple.


I consider pineapple on pizza to be an abomination unto the Lord. But then, I am part Italian and an avid home cook.


I like pineapple in its proper place. Its proper place is NOT on a pizza. Things that begin with F do not belong on pizza. Fish, fungus, fruit, fowl...fvegetables.


I hate them, but I've seen one that's frozen and worse. They added hot peppers.


I actually really like pineapple on pizza, but then I can't eat pepperoni, sausage, any kind of peppers, or onions. It's nice to be able to have something other than cheese.



(Heh. Actually, I don't care what people like on their own pizza... but don't bring that nonsense to work... there's always one that insists on getting a hawaiian pizza that everybody but them hates... and they only eat one piece.)

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