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Car Dealership Cashier Hell: "What do you mean you can't text it to me from a land line?! HOW DARE YOU!!"



From  lady_winchester, Tales From Retail:

So I work at a car dealership as a cashier; when you get your oil changed, I'm the one you pay. I also answer TONS of phone calls all day. Without fail, I get a phone call asking if they can make their car payment to me over the phone. No can do, but we can give them the number to call so they can pay over the phone. Easy enough right?

No. It is not. At least for the guy any way. M= me G= Guy

M: "Thank you for calling dealership name how can I help you? G: "Yeah, no one told me how to make my first car payment. Can I do that with you?" M: "Unfortunately, we don't take car payments here at the dealership, however I can give you the phone number to call so you can do it over the phone" G: "Okay, what is it?" M: starts rattling off phone number G: "Can you text it to me?"

Reminder, I'm on a land line. I thought I'd misunderstood

M: "I'm sorry, what did you ask for sir?"

G: "Can you text me the number?"

M: "No sir, I can't do that"

G: "Why not?!"

Now I'm genuinely flabbergasted

M: "Because....I'm on line?"

G: "Huh?"

M: "I'm on a phone that's hardwired sir, I can't text you"

G: "What does that mean?!"

M: .............."I don't have the ability to text you sir"

G: "OH MY GAHD, I can't believe this. I spend a lot of money at this dealership!!!!"

I end up giving him the number and wonder if there's a way to punch people through the phone.

-- lady_winchester






If there was, half of North America would have black eyes just from me, over the last 22 years...

An explanation that documentation and instructions for payment would be coming in the mail before the first payment is due should be a standard part of signing the paperwork for the loan, and generally isn't.

Of course, even if it were, most people wouldn't be listening, or wouldn't remember, even if it were done in flashing neon and shoved up their butt.

Misty Meanor

The stupidity of some people... just, ugh!

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