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Part of my job in selling appliance parts is that I sell to tech companies who go out and fix other people's machines. One such customer calls me up one day and ask me how many of a control board I have.

Me: "I've got 4 in stock here, and 10 more in my warehouse."

C: "I want them all."

Me: "Say what now?"

C: "Yeah, I want your four, and those ten."

Me: "You realize those are $100 each, right?"

C: "Yeah, it doesn't matter. I'm just going to hold them for a few days then return them."

Me: "Again... say what now?"

C: "One of our customers doesn't want to buy the part from us so we're going to buy all the ones you have so they HAVE to buy it from us. Then after he buys it from us we'll return the rest of them to you. Just do the ticket."

Me: "HA! No way, man. Not a chance in the world."

C: "What? WHY?"

Me: "I'm not going to help you screw over not only YOUR customer, but also any of MY customers that might need that board while you're playing your games. You want one, you can have one, but I'm not allocating all of them to you. So do you want one or not?"

C: "NO!" -click-





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