Car Dealership Retail Balls: Dumbass Entitled Customer Gets Owned Over the Phone
Fun-To-Mental: Uh, This Could Have Been Thought Out A Little Bit Better



A gigantic facepalm from the equating of gay people and guns to the general douchery of the response.

When I see responses like that, I generally wonder if the responder actually feels like they're superior to the OP.


Come on. if your going to write up a fake comeback, don't have the rep dis their own product of cheese burgers.


Am I the only one that doesn't find these entertaining in any fashion?

Maybe with better writing, I could get behind a tongue-in-cheek sort of reply. but these 'witty' replies just seem to be invitations to openly insult/call names/generally be nasty in the name of 'comedy'.

Not that I don't think the original comments don't deserve shutdowns, but surely we can do better than these?


Some of them are clever, some are lame


Pretty much everything stops being funny when politics gets involved.

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