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From drayle88, Tales From Retail:

I work at a family repair shop. Small town, we're the only ones who do computer work for a good two hours drive. We have large tinted glass doors, and in one of the doors is a light up sign with our hours posted proudly and bright for all to see.

And somehow, SOMEHOW, people can't look at it. Not that its hard to see, but people ignore it with a level of tunnel vision that is almost scary.

I live close by to where I work, so i'm always an hour or two early from when we actually open. And the amount of times I"ve caught people shaking the doors and trying to see inside with tier faces against the window is infuriating.

ring ring on my personal cell phone.

ME: Hello? C1: HI! I was wanting to make sure ya'll were open!

Looks at clock. 8:30. Looks at one way glass door. Some lady is there, dumb grin on her face on her phone, trying to see in.

ME: Ma'am we don't open until 10:30. C: Oh Ok! ME: And how did you get this number? This isn't a work number. -click-

30 minutes later, another person comes up, shakes the doors, peers inside, and leaves. I'm getting pretty irate now, and I print out a BIG sign with STORE HOURS and a big arrow pointed to the flashing sign 5 inches to the left.

30 minutes later, ANOTHER person is shaking the door, trying to see if magically someone is there early just for them, and peeking through the crack in the door trying to get attention.

I'm done with humans.

EDIT1: Fourth person just stood there for 15 minutes, staring at the sign like it had wronged him before finally leaving. I'm so glad it's Friday...







Posted hours, any signage detailing exclusions from a sale, any signs relating to a shortage of product, or an outage of equipment. They are blind, and never see. They will see the "Get one Free" portion of a BOGO sign, but somehow miss the "buy one" portion and then throw a fit when the store refuses to give it to them free. Customer selective perception is a marvel to behold. Unfortunately, it's also extremely irritating and deserving of a slap

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