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From  FluffyTrainz, Tales From Retail:

I manage a music store, and we just moved all the instruments to the new location. We're converting the old place into a service/used instruments/rentals place. We put on the wall in a huge poster the address to the new place.

Customer walks in: "I'm looking for a guitar"

Me: "The store moved, here's the new address (I tell him)"

Cus: "I want to look at your guitars"

Me: "They're gone to the new location. Look at the address on the wall (I point)"

Cus: "Where are your guitars?"

Me: "LOOK AT THE WALL ! ! ! (I point furiously)"

Cus: "I want to see the guitars!"

Me: "LOOK AT THE WALL ! ! !"

The customer leaves mumbling in a frustrated tone without once looking at the huge poster with the address.

He comes back 5 minutes later...

Cus: "I want to know where the guitars are"

Me: "LOOK AT THE WALL ! ! ! (I point)"

Cus: "You don't..."

Me, cutting him off: "Listen to me. Listen carefully. Stop talking and turn your head towards that wall I'm pointing at. NO. Don't talk. Look. Look over there"

He finally does, and sees the new address.

Cus: "Ah. Ok. Thank you"

And he leaves...

-- FluffyTrainz





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